Teaching my kids the value of money and the value of savings is important to me. But a lot of their understanding of the concept is something learned over time, it also depends a lot on their age. With the older boys it’s easier. We’ve explained savings to them as part of our values and we’ll continue to work with them on this concept as they grow. But part of learning is to start the concept early. So with younger kids like Ford, we have to turn the concept into a fun activity. Which is where our cute little DIY Piggy Bank comes into play. This is such a fun project to make with your little ones and while you work on it together, you can explain to them the value of saving money for everything from family vacations to college savings accounts

We downloaded an easy peasy template right here and then used it to create our own version of this awesome bank.



As part of our ongoing partnership with ScholarShare we’re spending a lot of time thinking about savings… both for teaching our kiddos and for teaching our friends. Saving for college is incredibly important and you can start your 529 savings account with as little as $25. I know the concept of savings can seem daunting if you haven’t done it, but every little bit counts and can be really helpful for your loved one when they need it to go to school. 

Start when they’re little, with a DIY Piggy Bank and while you’re at it, create a college savings account for when they’re big.