Rainboots on Front Door for Spring

I love decorating my porch for a new season!

I’ve gone all out for Fall, made a monogram out of moss and even turned the front door into an Easter bunny. This year for spring I thought it would be fun to do a little “up cycling” so I turned Ford’s old rain boots into spring door decor.

Rainboot Door Decor Supplies

This spring door decor is really easy to pull off actually, you just need rain boots that have the little handles at the top so you’ve got something to easily attach your ribbon to. 

First I measured the ribbon to see how long a piece I’d need to hang from the hook on the top of my door to where the boots would hang in the center. If you don’t have a permanent hook in your door you could use one of the removable plastic hooks from 3M. Next I tied the end of the ribbon to the handle of each boot. I just knotted it there since the flowers will cover it up, it doesn’t need to be pretty.

Spring Door Decorations, Rachel Hollis

Next I measured my faux flowers and cut them so they’d come up at varying heights just above the line of the boots. I went with tulips because that felt cute and “springy” to me but anything will do. You could even use fresh greenery from your hard if it’s hearty and you don’t mind swapping it out when it dies.

Spring Decor from Kids Rainboots

Lastly I added a bow of ribbon to the top using a dot of hot glue. The end result looks just darling and makes the perfect spring door decor!