Sometimes the slightest of adjustments can create the largest of impacts. Don’t believe me? Here are 5 simple tasks to help you get organized, save time and experience some peace of mind in your busy schedule! ~Mesick

1. Get Your To Do List Organized – So many people have asked me what special system I use for my scheduling and to-dos. As simple as it is, this is my answer

2. Sunday Food Prep – Imagine opening your fridge on a busy Wednesday morning and having a pre-packaged overnight oatmeal for breakfast and a fresh homemade salad for lunch? This is a good way to start the day, am-I-right?! By taking a chunk of time after you get home from the grocery store to sautéed some chicken, chop vegetables or even put your grab-and-go snacks in individual baggies, you’ll make fast, healthy and stress-free meal choices all week long!

3. Automate Your Bills – If you don’t already do this, take 20 minutes and DO THIS RIGHT NOW!! I learned this principle from David Bach’s Automatic Millionaire, and it completely changed my life. By making your savings transfers, credit card bills, utility bills, etc. all automatic, you free your brain from doing the tedious task of paying your bills and from having to anticipate when the due date is.

4. Build a Car Kit – What I refer to as a “Car Kit” is a perfect combination between a first aid, beauty and clean-up kit all in one place. Mothers of young kids definitely are apt to having something along these lines for their kids, but what about yourself? Taking some time to expand your “Car Kit” to include an extra concealer, trash bags or a little thing of Neosporin will be so helpful when you’re in a pinch! You’ll be that person who is always prepared!

5. Organize Your Mail As You Receive it – Preferably by a trashcan, create a cubby for each category of mail – Bills, personal, coupons… and then toss the “junk” mail away right then and there. If this system becomes a habit, you’ll never feel like it’s a chore to sort your mail ever again, and it’ll keep the more important items front and center.

What small habits or tasks have you done to simplify your life? Share your ideas with the Chic Community below!