Pretty Quote PlannerA few weeks back I asked all of our friends on Facebook what kind of organization tips or ideas they might like me to share. First of all, thanks for the ideas people because we absolutely planned this month’s editorial calendar around them. Secondly, I was shocked by how many of you asked if I’d share my planner or how I organize my to-do list. At first, I honestly was just going to ignore the idea because my planner is actually the most simple, basic thing on earth and I feel like most lifestyle bloggers have these ornate handcrafted date books that can only be found in boutique shops in Manhattan. But then I realized that maybe the simplicity of my planner would make it really user friendly for those of you who are trying to get organized. So, let me take you through it.

How to Stay Organized as a Working MomBehold! The spiral bound notebook!!

Rachel Hollis Working MomI’ve tried digital planners and fancy planners and date books galore, but my tried and true is actually just a large spiral bound notebook. Allow me to explain the awesomeness here. It’s inexpensive for one thing. Target creates a new fun spiral bound notebook about every seven hours, so there are always fun options. Secondly, it’s durable. I carry this thing with me everywhere (for serious, I get a little freaked out if I don’t have it) so it gets roughed up by life in my backpack but it still stays strong. The key is getting a spiral bound notebook with thick cardboard covers. Also, I use it for everything: grocery list, at home to-do’s, at work to-do’s– they’re all in there. I just use a fresh page for each new day. Every morning I open up my planner to the next page, date it and start my list. If it’s a Saturday it might have the things I need to clean or a note to pick up the dry cleaning. If it’s a Tuesday it’s focused on work items that I can quickly tick off. Anything that doesn’t get cleared just gets added to the first line of the next new page. I realize this is the simplest trick ever and I hope you guys aren’t disappointed it’s not fancier. Honestly though, sometimes the old school way of doing things is the easiest way of doing things. 

Simple Planner for Moms