chore board free printableMy older boys are 7 and 5, and like their mother before them, they have chores.

We have everyday chores (setting and clearing the table, helping to load the dishwasher) and we have Saturday chores (refilling the toilet paper in the bathrooms). These aren’t chores they get paid for… these are chores they do because they’re part of our family and we all help out. Recently though, they’ve latched onto the idea of earning and saving money and so I wanted to come up with a special way to encourage that. After all, mommy has owned her own company for 10 years and I love the idea of young entrepreneurship! ~Rachel 

chore board for kids

I created my version of a Work For Hire Chore Board. I attached different tasks and the $1 the boys can earn if they complete them. 

paying for choresThe boys get to choose which of the tasks they want to complete in order to earn their money. Each week I can reuse the old tasks or create new ones!

kids chores for money

I’ve included the FREE Printables so you can create your board too! Simply snag a bulletin board, small binder clips and dollar bills (if your kids are older, consider bigger responsibility/more money). I left the chore tickets blank so you can just print them out and fill them in yourself.

work for hire banner


chore tickets


rachel hollis kids chores

 What do you think, is this something you’d try out with your own kids? I’d love to hear your thoughts below! ~Rachel