How to Store Grease -TheChicWhere I come from you save your bacon grease.

For some of you that will sound gross, or weird, but there are some of you reading this (probably southerners) who know exactly what I’m talking about. If you have bacon grease at-the-ready you can use it to make gravy, biscuits, or fry up some chicken. My grandma kept hers in an old coffee can but I like this storage idea much better!

Bacon Grease Ice Cube Tray-TheChicAllow your bacon grease to cool a little. It will still be liquid but not so hot it can burn you or melt the ice cube tray. Use a mesh strainer to fill up an ice cube tray with your grease. I suggest having a dedicated tray for this purpose so you won’t accidentally make bacon flavored ice later. 

Bacon Grease Storage Direction-TheChicI store my grease in a large mason jar and I used some stamps and a sticker to create a cute little label. 

Bacon label