recycled, green snack bag

We tend to do a lot with plastic bags in my house… I use them for school lunches, I use them to hold change, I use them to carry around the boys snacks in my car and inevitably they pop up in a lot of pictures here on the site. More than once some of our greener minded readers have emailed or asked me if I would please, for the love of trees, oceans and wildlife, stop using so many plastic bags! To be totally honest, it’s not something I’d given a lot of thought too but those readers are right, I do use a ton of plastic and even when they’re little they add up to a big ol’ mess. So here’s a craft just for you guys! It’s my version of ziploc bag are these DIY Reusable Snack Bags. They’re washable, reusable and most importantly, adorable! 

how to make your own snack bag

Ok, yes, this does involve the use of a sewing machine but honestly, it’s only two little rows, even I (with my horrible sewing abilities) can pull that off!

DIY Snack Bags Blue Diamond

As I mentioned in my post on dieting, I always carry a healthy snack with me in my purse so this is perfect. Fill these guys with your favorites like Blue Diamond Almonds, trail mix or really any non-perishable snack item and keep them in your bag or car so you’ve got a healthy alternative when you’re suddenly starving and nowhere near your fridge.

Snacks in a purse

I hope you think these little guys are just as fun as we do! A big shout out and many smooches to our friends at Blue Diamond Almonds who believe in being eco-friendly so much that they partnered with us on this idea! ~Rachel

almond shot