DIY Family games

My boys LOVE trivia! 

It’s true. For as long as I’ve been a mother I’ve distracted tired, cranky or bored little boys by announcing a trivia game. I go back and forth between the two older boys and ask questions appropriate for their ages and basically it’s just anything I can dream up.

– What’s the name of our President?

– Who’s Buzz Lightyear’s best friend?

– Can you name four breeds of dog?

– Can you name five kinds of trees?

The list goes on and on and since the boys love it so much I thought it would be cool to create a DIY Family Trivia Game so they could learn about their ancestors and extended family while playing a game. You can print out our ideas for DIY Family Trivia below or use the blank page to write in your own version.

DIY trivia game

Print out the DIY Family Trivia and store it in our reusable snack bags for a cute little trivia tote you can keep in the car or your purse!

diy game for kids

diy game printable

blank game printable

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