best beauty product for travel

My husband Dave travels for work all the time, so when my travel scheduled started to increase several years ago I stole one of his best tricks… he never unpacks his toiletry bag! I don’t mean that he never unpacks, I mean that he has a toiletry bag filled with all of the products from his every day life. At some point in time he bought a duplicate of everything and he stores it in the bag. When he travels he doesn’t need to add or check anything because it’s all there ready to go. If you’ve got 47 different products for skin care alone then you understand how time consuming re-packing can be. So just like Dave, I created the world’s greatest toiletry bag, read below to see what’s in it! ~Rachel 

stella and dog toiletry bag

First of all, you need a toiletry bag with multiple compartments, pockets and zippers! As far as I’m concerned you can never have enough!

what to pack for vacation

Don’t forget your essentials… toothbrush, toothpaste, mouth wash and deodorant. I have body wash (because most hotels have soap which I don’t love) and lotion. Please note, I don’t buy mini lotion, I just carry around the small bottle from whatever hotel I stayed at last.

first aid kit for travel

Being in an unfamiliar city and having to search for a pharmacy is the worst! Fill a ziploc bag with a DIY First Aid kit. Mine includes bandaids, eye drops, and a little container filled with my vitamins, ibuprofen, and allergy medicine. I also have at Tylenol PM in there too in case I’m in a different time zone and need some help getting to sleep. Lastly, Emergen-C or Airborn is an absolute must to fight airport germs!

mini size skin and hair product

My hair has color in it and I don’t trust hotel shampoo. So along with my skin care products I pack the mini version of my shampoo (ask your stylist for samples, they’re the perfect size!) a little pouch with bobby pins and hair ties, tweezers, lip balm, a face masque and wardrobe tape. The face masque because my skin tends to freak out in other climates and a calming masque will bring it back to neutral. And wardrobe tape because it’s much faster and easier to use than a sewing kit when you’re on the go.

packing a bag for vacation

Once you have all your necessities try to pack them with like objects so you don’t have to hunt for each tiny item.

stella and dot bag

When I’m not using my bag I store it under by bathroom sink where I can find it easily and throw it into my suitcase.