ice cream cupcake liners

I’m pretty old school when it comes to birthday party desserts.

I don’t want cupcakes or parfaits or even a make-your-own-sundae bar… I want classic Birthday Cake and Vanilla Ice Cream. When it comes to serving this, the only issue is that it’s a total pain to scoop out the ice cream and cut the cake while an army of small people race around you screaming! But I’ve got a solution and this is one of my best birthday party tricks!

how to serve ice cream to kids

If you pre-scoop your ice cream and freeze it in little cupcake wrappers you can save yourself loads of time and just hand out the individual scoops with each slice of cake.

sprinkles on ice cream

If you want extra credit for your birthday party trick, you can even add sprinkles so each scoop feels like it’s own little sundae.

kids ice cream birthday