diy hair accessories for girls

A couple of months ago I was  at my niece’s birthday party and I fell in love with a lady bug hair bow she was wearing. As a mother of all sons I’m more than a little obsessed with anything girlie and so I snapped pics and brought them back to Chic HQ and asked the team to help me figure out how to make them so we could put them on the site! The final product is three different kinds of DIY bug hair bows (the snails are our favorites!) that you can make for the little girl in your life.

diy snail accessories

how to make a ribbon snail

We love the snails and they look so darn adorable in the pigtails of our favorite little model!

diy unique hair accessory

The lady bugs are super cute too!

diy lady bug for girls

lady bug hair bow

And last but not least, try the dragonflies!

bug accessory

diy dragon fly