Last Minute Halloween Costumes

Last year my husband and I dressed up like Mary and Matthew from Downton Abbey and felt like royalty all night. It was fun to pull off the costume with things from our closets in less than 30 minutes. Sometimes it’s just about adding some makeup or a hairpiece like the last minute Halloween costume ideas we featured here. And other times a dress and some construction paper transforms you for the night! If the idea is to find an inexpensive costume from something you already own, you’ll enjoy the super creative costumes we found just in time! ~Brandee 


I adore this chic Pineapple costume from Studio DIY . The tutorial here is easy to follow along and will transform your yellow dress in minutes. 


This Flight Attendant costume is adorable and easy to pull off. If you don’t have the hat, don’t worry! Carry around a basket of mini pretzels and ask everyone to put their tray tables up and their seat in the upright position! 


Keiko Lynn’s version of Mary Poppins is indeed practically perfect in every way. If you have a white blouse, black skirt and black tights, the rest is simple. Add a bright lip, a hat and carry an umbrella or large bag! 


If you own a gingham dress and red flats this one is for you. Bonus point for getting your pup to stay put in a basket all night. 


I like the Newpaper Boy costume because all it really requires is a trip to the grocery store to pick up a few of today’s papers! Add a blazer, shorts and knee highs and you’re set. 

rag doll costume

While this Raggedy Ann costume takes a bit more work, you could easily pull it off if you have a day or two to spare. See the tutorial here and transform yourself with red yarn, an apron and a bit of makeup in no time. 

last minute halloween costume ideas

You may have seen Rosie The Riveter before, but there is a really good reason. This last minute Halloween costume is always fun and easy to achieve. Grab a bandana, jean shirt and swipe on a bright red lipstick.