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It’s Rachel’s birthday today!!!!!! And everyone here at the Chic HQ wants to wish her a big ol’ HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Last year we celebrated with a Banana Cake; this year we got a little more creative. 

Rachel and I share the same passion for a lot of things in life, the main one being our love of doughnuts. So to celebrate Rachel’s birthday we created a Doughnut Cake tower using doughnuts from a shop and fresh flowers. It’s an elegant way to create a beautiful centerpiece to any birthday party! What’s more, it’s super easy to make! 

doughnut cake tower

The doughnuts hold up pretty well stacked up on top of each other, but if you want more stability, you can skewer them with long toothpicks or wooden kabob skewers that you’ve cut down in size!

no-bake birthday cake ideas

Because this doughnut cake was for Rachel, we couldn’t have just left it plain and boring. We needed to chic it up by adding fresh flowers! It’s a simple way to turn something good into something GREAT!

how to use fresh flowers in cakes

The best part about this birthday doughnut cake idea is that it takes no time at all and it can be used for everything from showers to weddings… well, we think think a wedding doughnut cake would be cute anyway!

doughnut tower

You can mix and match different types and colors of doughnuts or you can keep things simple by choosing one type of doughnut and arrange them with different colored flowers!

how to created a doughnut cake

Place a few candles at the top to finish off the birthday cake look. 

the chic site doughnut cake

Happy Birthday Rachel! We hope you have an awesome year filled with love an endless amount of doughnuts! 


Chic Staff!

birthday doughnuts

Doughnut Birthday Cake
Yields 24
Create a beautiful birthday cake (and centerpiece) using store bought doughnuts and fresh flowers! It's a simple way to make a no-bake masterpiece!
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Prep Time
15 min
Total Time
15 min
Prep Time
15 min
Total Time
15 min
  1. 1 large cake stand
  2. 1 small cake stand
  3. 2 dozen doughnuts
  4. 2 dozen fresh flowers
  5. scissors
  6. birthday candles
  1. Place the smaller cake stand on top of the bigger stand. Arrange the doughnuts, stacking them on top of each other, in between both stands. Cut and arrange the flowers and leaves in between the doughnuts, covering up any gaps you might see.
  2. Place candles on top and you're done! That simple!
Rachel Hollis