Organize Your Fireplace Kindling

Do you ever go to make a fire in the fireplace and discover that you can’t find anything you need? This happens at Bird’s Nest all the time. We’re like, where are the matches? What are we going to use for kindling? And more than once, we’ve given up on the idea altogether because we can’t figure out where anything is. This year I decided it was time to organize the fireplace once and for all. I gathered jars and a cool basket, matches and kindling and the end result is a great little creative addition to our hearth. Consider doing this in your own home just be mindful of two things… if you have little kids, store your matches up high and out of reach. Also, open kindling should never be stored right next to the fireplace in case a spark jumps out. We set ours off to the side, well out of the way of the flame. xo, Rachel 

Rachel Hollis Fireplace

To organize the fireplace I started by gathering kindling. I got wood chips and then cut up newspaper strips… both items went into large glass mason jars with lids.

Display Kindling

Next I gathered small twigs and added those to a large glass vase to create some height. Long matches went into another mason jar (though skip this step if you’ve got little ones) and the whole thing was put into a vintage metal bin that formerly held my magazines.

Fireplace Kindling