Inside Rachel Hollis Home Living Room-17

When we first remodeled our house I had to pick out a million and one paint colors… admiralty, some mistakes were made. First it was the den with it’s teal walls which I loved at the time but a few weeks later I thought, oh man, this wasn’t the right choice. You can read about the makeover of that room here if you’re interested. And then there was my living room with it’s green walls.


I don’t know what the color was actually called but if I had to name it, I’d call it Poker Table Felt. It was really cool and I totally dug it for several years. But the issue with a bright green color on the walls is that the accessories and furniture in the room have to be pretty muted… hence all that black, white and grey. About six months ago I decided it was time to give the living room a makeover and here we are! A new coat of paint + a new layout = I have a mad crush on my living room. Watch the video below for a little “tour” and then scroll down for all the pics! 

Inside Rachel Hollis Home Living Room-6

The two biggest changes in the living room makeover are the paint and the layout. By using this light blue-ish grey color on the walls I was able to have a lot of fun with the colors of my rug, my throw pillows and the paintings on the walls. Originally we used to have one sofa facing the fireplace and some chairs surrounding it. By adding and extra sofa we expanded the seating in the room. This is so great since we tend to have company over often. The wall art above the piano is something I made a long time ago, and you can see how I did it here if you’re curious. 

Inside Rachel Hollis Home Living Room-14

Inside Rachel Hollis Home Living Room-1

I love mix and match… can’t you tell? And so I did a driftwood and glass side table on one side of the couch and a collection of flea market finds on the other. This is an old classroom stool and a vintage egg crate turned upside down. Often times I’m not sure how I’ll use something I find at a flea market or yard sale but if I can get a good deal I’ll buy it and store it until I find the perfect location! The lamps were Dave’s grandparents and I just replaced their shades with something a little more modern. 

Inside Rachel Hollis Home Living Room-27

Inside Rachel Hollis Home Living Room-21

The coffee table is also something I got at the flea market years ago. We considered changing out for something more rustic but when I saw it in the room I loved it there. I really liked that it was so unusual juxtapose the texture of the rug. Also, I think wood would have really seemed heavy. With the glass top it feels lighter and you can see more of the rug.

Inside Rachel Hollis Home Living Room-7

Inside Rachel Hollis Home Living Room-9

Inside Rachel Hollis Home Living Room-18

Here’s a sort of random storage idea… I couldn’t figure out where to store all of the boys piano lesson books so I stacked them on an old cookie sheet and put it on the backside of the sofa under the side table.

Inside Rachel Hollis Home Living Room-28

The living room already had these amazing built-ins and we make great use of them!

Inside Rachel Hollis Home Living Room-25

Inside Rachel Hollis Home Living Room-4

This chair of Dave’s Nana actually went through a pretty intense makeover of it’s own and I loved it too much to remove it from the room. Now it sits next to the window and serves as a little reading nook for me. I love this room so much better now that I’ve thought of seating in terms of little groups rather than one big area where everything has to sit.

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