Keep Kids Entertained When Parents Travel

I have to travel at least once a month for work, sometimes more and when I go I miss my kids and get sad about the idea that they’re missing me. So a couple of months ago I was packing up for a trip and I thought of a way to make my trip more interesting for my kids. I grabbed a piece of paper and scrawled all over it with the boys markers and then left it for them with the instructions that it was a top secret project and they needed to work together and with Daddy to figure it out before I got back. I took a quick snap and posted it to Instagram and every parent on there freaked out about the idea.

trip worksheet copy

People went so crazy for my trip worksheet that I thought we’d better make a free printable so you guys could try it with your kids too. This would be fun for grandparents, aunts, uncles… anyone who’s traveling can send this to little ones to help them keep busy and learn about a new place.

Free Printables for Kids

All you have to do is print out the Trip Worksheet printable below and then fill it in with the name of the person and the place they’re visiting. I like to leave my boys their worksheets as a surprise or a “top secret” mission but it would also be so fun to get something like this in the mail.




Free Printable for Working Parents