Pretty Party Ice Cubes in VaseSummer is almost here and that means I’ll be serving lots of ice cold drinks in the near future. To add an extra special touch I love to make pretty ice cubes like these and store them in the freezer for when my friends come over. Check out how I do it!

Supplies to Make Pretty IceYou can absolutely make pretty ice cubes in your regular ice tray but I really love using fun shapes. The great part is, you can add almost any edible thing to the ice to make it pretty. I like fruit, herbs or edible flowers for a pop of color.

How to Make Pretty IceFill your trays with the ingredients you want to use and then top off with water. Store in the freezer until ready to serve. Also, if you know which drink you’ll be serving you can make your ice out of it… so lemonade cubes, iced tea cubes, etc.

Store Party Ice

Make a big batch and store all your pretty ice cubes in a separate container so you can keep your ice cube tray to use.

Summer Wine Party

Wine with Pretty Ice

Need an idea for where to serve your pretty ice cubes? Try them in a Moscow Mule or a Cinnamon Margarita!

Pretty Party Ice Cubes