Part of going through our foster care journey and getting placement of the girls meant that I needed to figure out something important… what kind of diaper bag was I going to carry now? And also, things have changed since I last had a baby. Sure, some of my favorite items are still tried and true but there’s a whole host of cool new gadgets that help make life so much easier! Check out what I carry in my diaper bag!

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  1. 1. Diaper Bag / Changing pad – In the midst of planning for our adoption I discovered Lily-Jade and fell in love with the fact that their diaper bags look like gorgeous handbags. In fact, I know quite a few mamas who carry them as a purse when they’re out on their own and then transition it back to a diaper bag when they’re with their kiddos. Love this bag as much as I do? Fabulous, we’re giving one away to a reader! Scroll down to enter!
  2. 2. A Change of Clothes – Mama you have to have a change of clothes! The time you don’t think you need it is the time baby has a major malfunction in the Target cereal aisle and you’ll wish you had something to change them into. I store a change of clothes and other little essentials in clear travel bags so everything isn’t lost at the bottom of the bag. Organize Your Diaper Bag | The Chic Site
  3. 3. Formula Storage – If you’re baby gets formula bottles then this is a great idea. It has three little compartments to hold pre-measured amounts of formula. I put enough formula for 6 oz of bottle in each one then I can mix a bottle on the fly.
  4. 4. Baby Food – I’m not sure what the formal name for these are… I call them squeezy packs. It’s an easy way to feed the baby without needing a spoon or a bowl and I always have a couple in the bag.
  5. 5. Snack Holder – I love these little snack holders where baby has to reach their fingers inside to get the snacks. It definitely eliminates Cheerios going all over the place. The newer version also have a lid so when you want to throw it into your diaper bag it doesn’t spill. So smart!
  6. 6. Lotion, Sunblock, etc – I love Honest Company’s line of little products for the diaper bag. Their spray on hand sanitizer is so easy to use and their organic healing balm is a little pricy but I’ve never found anything better for keep the baby’s cheeks moisturized. Be sure and store them in a little travel bag (or even a ziplock) to keep them from getting lost.

Lily Jade Diaper Bag | The Chic Site

  1. 7. Stuff YOU need – OK, this seems obvious but it’s worth saying that if you’d keep something in your purse you should also have one in your diaper bag. I keep an extra set of earbuds, pen, gum, lip balm etc.
  2. 8. Diapers & Wipes – This is an obvious thing, right? I guess the only debate is which brand you prefer. I like Honest because you can order them online or grab them at Target. And, if I’m being honest, their designs are just cuter.
  3. 9. A Toy – I keep a toy in my diaper bag that they don’t play with anywhere else. That makes it more exciting when we get in the car and out comes the giraffe with all the interesting things to chew on. 

Rachel Hollis Diaper Bag | The Chic Site

I love Lily-Jade bags because they’re just as gorgeous to use as a purse as a diaper bag. Transition back and forth easily with this gorgeous Rosie in Brandy Diaper Bag!