Get kids ready for school easierIf you can’t tell by now, I am forever trying to figure out ways to organize my life… most especially, as it pertains to raising three boys. Recently I showed you all how I organize our school lunches to save us time in the morning. Now I’m going to show you how to organize your kid’s clothes so you never hear “Mom! What should I wear?!” again. 

Originally I got this idea from Pinterest, sort of. I saw several people create day of the week outfit organizers using hanging shoe cubbies in the closet. The issue I have with this is A: when you fill them up you can’t see the cute letters stenciled onto the back and B: my boys aren’t tall enough yet for the cubbies that’d be hanging near the top. Since the goal is to help them do it themselves, I wanted a better solution. I wanted something I could pack into their existing drawer so all they had to do was open it and pull out the right outfit… the answer, was pillow cases!

Laying out kids clothes for school

On Sunday I fill each pillow case with an outfit (everything from underwear to socks). This works great because it gives me time to check the calendar and see if there are any special dress days I need to plan for. I fold the case up, lay them all in the drawer and then they can pull it out and get dressed before they even come downstairs in the morning. organize kids clothes craft

First we chose five different colors of felt. Next I peeled back one side of the iron-on adhesive and covered the back of the felt with it. Then I printed out the letters M, T, W, Th, F in large font from my computer and used them as templates to cut out the felt letters.

iron-on adhesive how to

Next, peel the other side of the iron-on adhesive off and center the letter on the bottom half of the pillow case. Use a warm iron to make the adhesive stick (follow directions on the adhesive packaging). Once the letter cools off, use fabric pens to decorate around the outside… if you’ve got mad skills on a sewing machine both the felt and the decorations could be done with it instead.

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