There are so many mixed messages in media that tell us what we should and shouldn’t do. Eat high protein, eat plant-based only, fat is good for you, no wait, fat is bad for you… it’s totally confusing and over time it meant that I only became more and more confused about what I should and shouldn’t be doing in the kitchen.

Truthfully there are times when I simply wouldn’t eat at all because trying to figure what the “right” food choice had totally overwhelmed me. When Special K reached out about their new #OwnIt campaign to help women ditch their doubts about food it made total sense. Do y’all know that the average woman spends sixty-one minutes every day second guessing their food choices. That’s bananas! (Pun absolutely intended!)

Confidence in what I eat wasn’t something I came by naturally, it’s something I learned. If it’s something you struggle with, I thought I’d share some of the things I learned to feel empowered in my food choices.


Everything in Moderation – Since I know my body and the fuel it needs, I can enjoy everything in moderation. This is a great understanding for me because I have to travel so much for work. Back in the day I would feel so confused about what to eat on the road. Now I plan for delicious grab and go options like Special K Protein Snack Bars and I seamlessly transition back and forth between travel days and regular days. I love Special K cereal products as well because they deliver various key nutrients like fiber, iron, folic acid and vitamins A, and C.

Know What to Put in Your Body – Your body is like a car and it needs fuel or it can’t keep running. I take full responsibility for keeping myself going with the right fuel and good choices. Drink a ton of water, keep your energy up with great meals and snacks and be consistent in your choices.

Nutritious Meal Prep Options – Meal prep is a big part of my life. Every weekend I go grocery shopping and then prep meals and snack options to keep me going all week long. By preparing for what I’m going to eat in advance I feel totally confident in my choices

Feel Confident in YOUR Choices – I eat for myself, my needs and my goals and I don’t let what anyone else is doing affect my choices. So, if we go out to dinner and everyone is having burgers I will fully cheer them on while eating some grilled salmon. I don’t push my nutrition ideals off on anyone else and therefore I don’t let them affect my choices or peer pressure me into doing something I don’t want to.

How will you start eating with confidence? Share your story on Instagram and use #ChicTribe and #OwnIt that way we can all see it.


This post is sponsored by Special K