Pumpkin Seasonal BuffetThis is the first year in ages that Halloween is falling on Saturday and I’m just beside myself!

I absolutely love Halloween. No, not the creepy decor or teenagers dressed as axe murderers. I love the charming Halloween stuff. Babies in costume. Dogs in costume. Adorably themed food and beverages– it’s one of my favorites!

So if like me, you’re going to do a little something to celebrate the holiday or have your friends over after trick or treating I wanted to share some fun ideas for setting up a Halloween dessert buffet. Here are a few simple tricks to pull all your treats together. 

Make Your Own Spooky Halloween BuffetI started with the tablecloth. This was a quick purchase from the craft store and I liked it because it works for Halloween, Thanksgiving and just fall in general.

Cute Halloween Decor

1. Originally I thought I’d prop a mirror up behind the table to hold my decals. But then I saw my cookie sheets and thought that was way cuter since it is a Halloween dessert buffet after all. I used bat decals (typically for windows or mirrors) and a dry erase marker to write on the tray. The decals stuck just great to my shiny clean pan. For my older rusted pan (which I totally love and therefore refuse to remove) I had to put a little piece of tape on the back  of each bat to make sure they wouldn’t “fly off” during the party.

2. Don’t forget to change up your levels. Putting everything at the same height on your table is boring to the eye. Utilize cake stands (or even just a plate sitting on an upside down bowl) to create a little visual interest.

3. Cute napkins, paper straws and fun utensils add the sweetest little touch. A great Halloween dessert buffet comes together in the details so don’t forget to add a few extra bits of fun.

4. Pumpkin menu signs are basically the easiest / most adorable accessory ever. Check out how I made them below.

Pumpkin Seasonal Buffet SignageWrite your menu items on card stock and then tape to a toothpick. Tuck toothpick inside a small pumpkin and voila!

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