I cannot– truly, cannot believe Noah has been with us for seven months already! Maybe it’s because she is our fourth and juggling all of their schedules is so consuming, but I can’t fathom how fast the time has gone. 

Noah’s adoption birth story was one of the most beautiful experiences in my whole life and if you haven’t ever read how she joined our family, start here so you can fully understand what our daughter means to us. 

I know you’re not supposed to go on and on about how pretty your kids is, but seriously, how beautiful is she? I don’t feel too guilty since I’m not the one who made her, and her first-mama is so beautiful inside and out so it feels important to acknowledge that she passed it onto her daughter.

The first few months home with Noah were honestly, pretty hard for us. She is one of the best babies I’ve ever met in my life but adjusting to four kids (even after we’d done it before) was tough. Another super rough journey? Going from an almost five-year-old to a newborn… oh sister, the lack of sleep nearly did me in!

During that time everyone asked us how the boys were adjusting and I can honestly tell you that they were champs. I think because we’d been a foster family last year they weren’t that thrown off by the idea of a new sister joining the mix.

Fast forward to today and our entire family spends half our time trying to keep this baby laughing. I try my best to soak in snuggles and the unique baby moments that are so fleeting since she’s my last baby but I’m simultaneously desperate for her to be old enough to converse with. I was like this with all of my babies… I wanted to know who they were and what they thought and to be able to talk to my daughter feels like it will be the most fun ever. 

Currently, Noah is a chunky ball of fun. She loves to eat, she loves her Zoe giraffe and her Wubanub is still her favorite friend of all time. I went a little bananas the other night buying fall-themed baby girl clothes for her because I’ve waited for most of my adult life to be able to shop for a girl. 

She’s a great eater, and champion sleeper– she’s been sleeping through the night since three months old. To find out how we pulled that off, you can watch the video at the bottom of this post.

Those are the big changes and excitement in our world currently. It’s been seven months and I can’t wait to see what the next season will bring.