Washi Tape Cord Labels

So I have this weird thing about cords. I know they are necessary to run a modern life, but I just do not like to look at them! They are messy and feel like clutter, and when I have to find one particular cord and they’re all jumbled together I want to run screaming from the charging station. Nobody wants to unplug everything just to find one cord, it’s such a pain!

So I decided to tackle the cord organization and make my cords look prettier with Washi Tape Cord Labels! See how easy (and pretty) it is to organize your cords below! ~Cortnee

How to Organize and Label Cords


– If your cords have any manufacturing labels on them (like in our before picture) make sure to remove those as well.

– If you haven’t made that flag shape cut out before, you just fold the end of the tape corner to corner, and cut at an angle down from the corner to the center. Easy!

– You can also get bonus points for decorating your chargers with Washi Tape Phone Chargers

Before and After Cord Organization