I’m 5’2 –that’s basically the same height as most eighth grade boys– and I’m always getting questions on Instagram about how I figure out my style when so many clothes aren’t made to fit shorties. Well, I’m here to give all my petite ladies some tips to help you look a little bit taller! 

Cropped Jackets hit just at the right spot on my waist so I never feel like I am drowning in clothes. With any top I wear, I make sure that they hit my waistline and if they don’t then I always stick with a half-tuck!

Jeans can sometimes be the hardest thing to shop for because they are not always the perfect fit. I usually go for some skinny jeans and I always make sure I show some skin to help elongate my legs. I achieve this but either rolling them in (like above)  or out.

If you want to see how I achieve this look scroll down below to check out a video I made! 



Go Monochromatic! It might sound crazy to have everything match (like your top with your bottoms) but it helps create a much longer look…. also, if you wear a dark color like this all-black-everything look it’s super slimming.

Consider a heel!

Now I am not saying go crazy with 5″ pumps, but a little height can go a long way. I feel so powerful when I wear some type of heel even when it’s with these boots.