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First things first… Rach, why are you wearing fuzzy socks on your hands and your feet?

Well friends, because today I’m talking about my Sunday routine and doubling up on socks is on the agenda. Other odd things we’re gonna talk about? Teeth whitening trays, covering my face in goop that smells like pumpkin pie and the liquid gold I put on my hair to keep it shiny and healthy! Sunday is the day of the week when I take extra time for self care and pampering –sort of like an at-home spa– so when the peeps at Pantene reached out and asked me if I’d share how I take care of my hair my Sunday routine was the first thing that came to mind!

Need some ideas to incorporating into your own pampering routine? Try out some of mine!

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Hair Care: I wish I was regimented about using Pantene’s Pro-V Overnight Miracle several times a week but I’m usually going a hundred miles an hour during the week and I just don’t think about it.  However, now I’ve discover an easier way to stay on top of my hair. By setting aside time in my Sunday routine I make sure my locks are on point all week long. I start by shampooing and conditioning with the Pantene Pro-V Repair & Protect Miracle Repairing collection. This shampoo and conditioner not only smells great but leave my hair feeling so soft. There are series of complementing products in this range, including hairsprays, styling products, and my trust serum too. The collection can help repair six months of damage in one use and provide continued round-the-clock protection, which is perfect for me from since I constantly get my hair done. 


After washing and conditioning I twist the locks up into a bun (they’ll stay pretty easily) and add bobbi pins to hold it in place. Next, I’ll add a turban or bandana to keep it out of my face while I apply my masque.

Rachel Hollis | The Chic Site

Skin Care: I’ve talked before about how nuts I am about my skin care routine and Sundays are when I really take extra time to do it right. After my hair is done, I add a face masque and let it work into my skin while I move onto the next item in my Sunday routine.

Rachel Hollis | The Chic Site

Dental Care: This is pretty darn nerdy but I’m being totally honest and I really do this in my Sunday routine. Years ago I had my dentist make me trays for teeth whitening gel. On Sundays I put in my trays for half an hour. If you don’t have any trays but want to try this at home just swap out for some whitening strips.

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Hands and Feet Care: OK, here’s where those socks come into play… I start by putting a really moisturizing lotion on my feet and then cover them up with fuzzy socks. It locks the moisture in and your feel will be smooth and soft come morning. As for the hands? Well you can read all about how I take care of my manicure here, but for Sunday routine I use the same lotion and then cover my hands with a different pair of socks for about thirty minutes. If you have a cheap pair of gloves you can use those instead… or just go for that super sexy sock-hands look!

My Sunday Routine makes me feel like I am at a spa without spending so much money. You can find all the items I used on Amazon even the Pantene Pro-V Products.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of PANTENE. The opinions and text are all mine.