Long before I ever wrote my #1 New York Times Besteller Girl, Wash Your Face I was a food blogger and way before it ever occurred to me to speak to people about improving their mindset I was trying to convince them that dip was a food category!

Yes me, queen of healthy living is (and always will be) way into indulging in the downhome (and totally indulgent) recipes from my youth. That’s why my first foray into the non-fiction space came in the form of my first cookbook Upscale Downhome. If you’re looking for some super yummy, fairly easy, crowd-pleasing deliciousness that’s perfect for your next cheat meal… this is the jam!

I wrote this book so many years ago and from picking out the recipes to cooking and styling them. From hair and makeup to what clothes I would wear in each shot. From the design to the layout and even the fonts we chose… this book is one giant labor of love from me to you. I decided to call it Upscale Downhome because all of the recipes in the book are a mix of my down-home roots and the upscale presentation I’ve learned from living in Los Angeles for fifteen years. This book is a perfect testament to my life long love affair with food. It has the sugar cookie recipe my mom made me as a child, and the chicken and dumplings I craved while pregnant. It has the turkey chili recipe which was the first dish I perfected as a newlywed and the cocktail I drank in my early twenties… it’s the story of my life, as told in food. Upscale Downhome is filled with casseroles, slow cooker recipes, desserts, drinks and there’s even an entire section on dishes you can make with the leftovers from the recipes in other chapters! Grab it the next time you’re in a bookstore or snap it up right this second HERE.