We’re all taking steps to being our best self. In the midst of all that, one of the thing that’s important to talk about is confidence. Why are some women more confident than others? How can you become confident if you don’t feel like you already are? Here are SEVEN things that confident women do.



They Don’t Apologize Unless There’s A Good Reason-

I’m sorry, but when did we all start saying I’m sorry for everything!? See what I did there? One of the habits that I’ve seen in all of my years in the business world is the tendency for women to apologize for every little thing… even when we didn’t do ANYTHING WRONG! WHY!? In our culture, we’ve even coined a term for it, “Sorry Syndrome”. Women are more likely to say sorry because of our desire to nurture. We tend to want to comfort others but while comforting others is an INCREDIBLE trait, we don’t need to apologize to do it. 

They Are Their Own Cheerleaders-

We’ve talked about this hard truth on the site before… nobody cares about your dreams the way that you do and here’s another truth bomb, YOU have to be your own biggest cheerleader. Successful women know how to confidently tell people what they do and what they’ve accomplished. It’s not bragging, it’s being proud of who you are.


They Lift Up Other Women-

The most confident women in the world know that jealousy will get you nowhere. This is a vital one now more than ever. It’s important that other women send the elevator down and help other women starting out. We should not be threatened by each other but instead, lift each other up.

They Focus on Solutions, Never Problems-

Problems are always going to come up in life and in work BUT choosing to approach them with positivity and a solution-based attitude will get you everywhere. Time is money and solutions save time. Businesses like ours love to hire and work with people who come to me with answers, not problems.


They Are Always Prepared-

Girl Scouts Style!  Being prepared will not only relax you but it’ll give you the confidence to take on a situation with poise. Be the first woman to the meeting with her pen, notebook, laptop, and figures ready to go.

They Are Comfortable in Their Own Skin-

Confident women love the way that they look because they know who they are. It’s not about being a size two or having Blake Lively worthy hair, it’s about loving yourself, flaws and all! That truth is what inspired my collection with QVC. I wanted to create clothes that looked beautiful in every size. Pieces that were versatile and that made every woman feel confident. 

They Aren’t Afraid Of Being Wrong-

Obviously, we’d all rather be right, but true leaders know that the fear of being wrong stifles creativity and can limit expression. Don’t let the fear of being wrong keep you from speaking up and being involved. Who knows what original idea may come from expressing yourself!