Having a COMMUNITY is important especially for this season.  However, right now it’s hard to figure out how you show up for them? How you stay connected? And how you motivate them?  We believe the easiest way to reach them is by gifting something that can truly change their life or just simply make them smile. Here are 5 things you can share with everyone in your community. 


Now is the time to be grounding yourself in a gratitude practice. The Start Today Journal is the perfect way to chase those dreams and be intentional about attaining them even when it feels like it’s hard. This practice will give your community the momentum they’re seeking to want more for their life, and the people around them. 



The perfect book to get for your friend. If they need a real kick in the pants to motivated in reaching their goals, send this their way! Give them the tools to change their life! 

3 // HAT

A hat with a little extra encouragement on it? YES PLEASE! The perfect accessory to put on while working out, running errands, or tackling anything on those long to-do lists!


How we navigate through this season is ultimately up to us. It’s all about the mindset, and CHOOSING JOY.  For your community, it can help them be grounded. Reminding them to not wait for things to get easier, simpler, or better. To learn to be happy right now, and what better way to do that than to sending them a t-shirt they can rock daily as a reminder to choose joy!


Who doesn’t love a cute sticker?! They can put it wherever to find inspiration in a moment’s notice! On their phones, water bottles, laptops, planners or journals! The possibilities are endless! 

These simple gifts can brighten someone’s day, and put a pep in their step to crushing it. Don’t forget to shop Spring into HOLLIS DAY sales event happening NOW!!  You’re going to want to snag ALL THE THINGS  before they are gone.