Y’ALL! The countdown is over and our Start Today Mexico City Collection is FINALLY here! I’m so proud and excited to introduce you to our new Start Today Journals, Priority Planners, and the addition of our Start Today Notebook! Yep that’s right – a completely new product! 

I hope that it will not only give you the space to prioritize goals, track habits, and produce results, but give everyone the power to dream big, stay visionary, and keep their futures bright! Long before the Start Today journal came into existence, I was writing all of these things out in a plain notebook. I believe in these products so much because the habits they encourage have changed my life. 

With the vivid colors, geometric patterns, and fun, floral designs, this collection is inspired by the beautiful Mexico City. Mexico City is one of my absolute favorite places in the world and each product’s design has a significance that speaks to my journey and growth. 

I want to show them off to you and explain what they all are! 

Start Today Journals

We designed three new, amazing cover designs: ‘Embrace Your Ambition’, ‘Still Growing’, and “Go All In’. Each is equipped with guided prompts for you to practice gratitude and intentionally set your goals every day. Over a three-month period, these daily tools will help you grow closer to becoming your best self! 

Watch our tutorial to learn more about our practice that goes along with this product if you’re new to the Start Today Journal. You can also learn how other people have accomplished their dreams in our #STJDreamCatcher blog series or browse through the #StartTodayJournal and #STJDreamCatcher hashtags on Instagram.

Start Today Priority Planners

There are three new covers in this collection: “I Am Enough”, “Chase the Dreams”, and “The Future Is Yours”.  These Priority Planners were made to help you achieve your goals by setting priorities and organizing daily tasks through its weekly and daily planning pages, a 3-month overview with checkpoints, and quarterly and weekly reviews. 

If you’re new to the Priority Planner or you’re wondering what the difference is from the Start Today Journal, feel free to watch our Priority Planner how-to videos.

Start Today Notebook

This product is the perfect addition to the collection. It’s divided into three sections: Big Plans, Big Dreams, and Big Actions. While organized by section, it has 150 blank pages that give you the chance to write down those messy ideas, map-out, brainstorm, create lists, or even reflect. With this notebook you now have the space to manifest the vision of your dreams however you know best; there’s no right or wrong way to use it!