I’ve spoken a ton on the podcast about getting diagnosed with estrogen dominance and yet I still get tons of questions on how I balanced my hormones. I thought I’d share the full story here in case any of you are experiencing the same thing I was and looking for next steps.

For years I suffered from unexplained symptoms: fatigue, weight gain, insomnia, wild mood swings, headaches and brain fog. As it got progressively worse I worried that it might be a sign that my mental health was deteriorating. I couldn’t seem to get myself under control or maintain the same mood for more than a couple of hours at a stretch. My focus at work –always something I could rely on– was non-existant.

I ended up seeing a neurologist because I thought something was wrong with my brain– turns out, I had something called estrogen dominance which was to blame for every symptom I listed above. My hormones were wildly unbalanced which made me feel emotionally unbalanced. I’m not the only one. Studies show that at least 80% of women suffer from some kind of hormone imbalance which result in both physical and mental health challenges.

Hormone imbalance affects a ridiculous number of women, including myself. I did a ton of research and found the right medical professionals and I learned what my body was doing and why. I’ve spent the last few years really taking care of myself and working toward balanced hormones to rid myself of these symptoms that dragged me down every day.

This process didn’t happen overnight for me and it’s not something you can do once and be done with it. I had to totally change the way I eat, sleep and care for myself but I can’t recommend it enough. It was a life saver!

Here are some things I did to balance my hormones.

Here’s What I Did to Balance My Hormones

1. I Found a Female Doctor I LOVE

No shade to male doctors because I know many of them are fantastic. But when it comes to female hormones and the female body, no one understands better than another female. Once I realized my issue was hormonal, the very first step I took to figure out what was going on with my body was to find a female doctor. 

I actually took it a step further by locating a female naturopathic doctor because I believe that health and wellness should be approached holistically. Naturopaths are all about healing the body from the inside out through natural remedies, which is exactly what I wanted to learn. I absolutely love my doctor– so much so that I invited her to be on the podcast! It remains one of the most popular episodes we’ve ever done if you want to listen to it here.

My advice to you: Take the time to find a female doctor you truly resonate with. One who really listens to you, makes you feel comfortable, and has your best interests at heart. 

2. I Got Comprehensive Lab Work 

I knew I found the right doctor when she jumped right into getting everything figured out. First on her list was requesting a full lab panel for me so she could dig into the nitty gritty of what was causing my symptoms. It was because of that lab work that I learned for certain that I was experiencing estrogen dominance, giving a name to all those awful symptoms I’d been having.

Bloodwork, when looked at holistically, gives your doctor the insight they need to put all the puzzle pieces together and see the big picture. I know it can be scary to get labs drawn (I freaking HATE it!) but for me, it was so worth it to finally get some answers.

3. I Started Tracking My Cycle

Did you know that I was 37 years old before I knew that I could track my cycle? Not kidding. I wasn’t taught this stuff as a kid, so I didn’t learn what every female should know much earlier until I balanced my hormones. That’s when I realized how much the female cycle plays a role in all these other body functions.

Tracking my cycle has become one of many life-changing habits for me. It’s helped me learn so much about myself and why my body is doing certain things on certain days. It’s so easy just to keep a note on my phone, jot down how I’m feeling each day of my cycle, and use that information to get more in tune with my body. I now know which days of my cycle I feel most confident, energetic, and ready to tackle anything and which days I might need a little more self-care than usual. 

There were a bunch of other things I did to get closer to balanced hormones so if you want to get more ideas listen to the full episode by tapping the link below.

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