We were born for this. No, I don’t mean a global pandemic; I absolutely do not think we were created to be quarantined. We were born to be leaders. And the situation we are in now has given us all an opportunity to rise up and lead. But, there’s no manual for how to exactly do that in the unique circumstances we’ve been presented with. We’ve never seen this before, so how do we do it? 

I’ve been an entrepreneur for 17 years and I’ve walked through recessions and tragedies before. While I’ve never faced anything quite like this, I do know what you can do to be strong for yourself and for your team. I want to circle around the word resilient. I love the definition of this word: 


For most of us, what’s happening in the world right now is not helping us. For a small minority of us, it is. In either direction though, you have to be resilient and respond quickly to what’s happening. You need to stand back up and go again. 

You have what it takes to be a leader right now. YES, I’m talking to you! The people in your corner need you to be a leader. This week during the #NEXT90CHALLENGE, we focused on leadership and what you need to be doing right now to be a leader. You can catch all the tips by signing up for the challenge here

Here are a few tips to implement now: 

1 // See things as they are 

It’s way too easy to spiral out and think about what could go wrong. I challenge you to see things right as they are. Have the courage to look at what is really happening, which means looking at the hard truths. Being a leader is being strong enough to look at what is actually going on. 

2 // Pivot quickly

People are counting on you and you don’t have the option to give up. Think about how you can serve your customers in a way that still makes money. What do they need now and how can you provide it to them? 

3 // Surround yourself with the kind of influence you need 

Not the kind you want, but what you need. What you consume affects how you’re seeing the world; be mindful about who you’re following and what you’re watching. This is one of the biggest reasons we decided to put on RisexLive and center it around courage.


As a leader, you must see above the waves, pick a point, show people where you’re going and how you’ll get there. Friend, please never forget you wouldn’t have gotten to this place if you weren’t capable. 

I’m sharing more tips for what I do every single day to be stronger as a leader as part of the #NEXT90CHALLENGE! I think this will really benefit you both during this season of life and for all that follows. You can join us doing the challenge here!