A huge reason I wrote Didn’t See That Coming at the start of quarantine was because I knew how badly we would all need tools to see us through to the other side of unexpected hardship. In conjunction with having extra tools in our toolbox, what we really need is community. We need to remind each other that what’s good will always be good, and what’s hard will not last forever.

There is strength in numbers and power in the community when you sift through crises. We are not meant to walk this road alone. So with that, I’m launching an in-depth and totally free book club! Every day for two weeks, I’ll be digging into each chapter in the book and sharing stories, answering questions and giving context and commentary to accompany your reading.

  • What it is: Didn’t See That Coming book club!
  • How it works: Every weekday starting November 2, I’ll go live on Facebook and share chapter-by-chapter insight on the book.
  • When it takes place: November 2-13 at 12pm CT, Monday-Friday
  • What you’ll need: We’ll be following along to the exclusive Target edition of Didn’t See That Coming so if you haven’t grabbed your copy yet, pick one up here! *If you purchased a copy from another retailer you can still follow along with pen and paper!*

Make sure you get to reading because we’re digging into Chapter 1 and 2 on Monday, November 2nd. To help you get started, I’m sharing an excerpt from the book below about the four identity shifts that can occur after a life-altering experience.

1.You had an identity and it was taken away from you

“I was a great worker, but my company laid me off. Now I’m just unemployed.”

2. You want an identity that is denied to you

“I wanted to be a mom so badly, but the IVF treatment didn’t work and I’m devastated.”

3. You chose an identity and no longer want it

“I thought that I was happy as a stay-at-home mom, but actually, I’m depressed and not a good mama to my kids.”

4. Someone else chose an identity for you that isn’t who you are

“Being in this management role keeps me from being creative, but my boss thinks I’m needed here. I feel like I’m dying inside.”

My hope with everything I write is the same: that it helps just one person to know they are strong enough to overcome whatever they’re currently facing. I hope this book does that for you and I can’t wait to dig into it in more detail on November 2nd when the book club launches!

See you there!

XO, Rach