I still cannot handle it. I got to sit down with THE Kristen Bell for my new podcast Your Fave’s Faves where we talk about your fave’s top 5 favorite things in any category. 

Kristen brought us the five movies from her childhood that she firmly believes still holds up today. I only knew like two of them which isn’t great when you’re trying to woo someone to become your best friend…but it was still such a joyful, happy and hilarious podcast to record. 


My favorite part of our conversation was hearing her passionately talk about how she used old movies to teach her kids about art, emotions and inclusivity. From a camera angle, lighting to character development… each of these can provide teachable moments for your kids. 

We’ve learned a lot from a storytelling perspective, a diversity perspective and a women’s rights perspective. The movies that were made in the eighties and nineties can’t really be looked through the same lens as what we know now.”

Alight, here are Kristen Bell’s Top 5 Favorite Nostalgic Movies as a Kid:

1. Harry and the Hendersons

2. Dark Crystal

3. The Witches

4. Tommy Boy

5. Labyrinth

Be sure to listen to the full episode to hear more of why Kristen Bell  loves these movies and how she used them as teachable moments with her kids. OH and did I mention she wrote a children’s book? Check out The World Needs More Purple People!