Coming to work every day at the Hollis home (aka The Nest) means I’ve become very familiar with the different decor choices throughout the house. I would say Rachel’s aesthetic is eclectic with pops of bold color choices.

One of my favorite examples of the home’s eclectic style is in the artwork. Throughout the house there’s a lot of  really great pieces, but the most memorable ones are completely one of a kind. These masterpieces are created by the little hands of the house – Jackson, age 6 and Sawyer, age 4. And I am in LOVE with these pieces.

I’m not going to lie, my idea of a child’s art piece looks a little more like this:


This is actually a piece also created by Jackson, and I think it’s the coolest because he made it of and for me.

With that said, this piece could never masquerade on a wall as decorative art… or at least not in the Hollis home. This is because all the pieces that are hung look like they could be found in a gallery somewhere. I think this is because they’re super colorful and framed and hung to fit in with the house’s decor.

Here are the tricks in making a 6 and 4 year old’s art pieces fit in with all the “big kid” decor.

Put them in a set:

in the baby's room

in the baby’s room

Both Jackson and Sawyer gifted these two pieces to their baby brother, and now they adorn the baby’s nursery. The thing that makes them look fantastic in this room is the orange matting. It ties in perfectly with the orange/brown decor.

in the hallway

in the hallway


ta da!!

IMG_5260 2

abstract octopus?

Pairing a couple of pieces together and tying them together with matching frames makes them look great. These are placed right outside the little boy’s room.

Put them with like colors: 

in the living room

in the living room

my have

by Jackson Hollis

This piece is one of my absolute favorites. It really pops against this white on white frame and the green walls. Love love love.


by Sawyer Hollis



So what’s the point? We know that Moms, Aunts, Grandmas, etc are given a million of their little ones’ “masterpieces,” most of which are put in a folder with all the others… However, when a colorful, beautiful, surprisingly artistic one falls into your hands, think of this! Frame them, put them up and enjoy them for year’s to come!

Do you hang your little one’s masterpieces in a unique way? Send us the pictures!