Clever Storage Ideas

An organized home is a happy home. Making sure that each of your belongings has a resting spot within your house is the quickest way to add a little more zen into your everyday schedule. Even with how important organization may be in my eyes, storage items should NOT be the area that you splurge on in your home. Save your pretty penny for the exciting decor items that you’ve had your eye on, and save on the drawer dividers, filers, pantry organizers, etc.

I’ve hunted down some really thrifty ways to add some functional storage to your home using what you already have. Here are 27 super clever ideas for repurposing items into the exact organization helper that you’re in need of! ~Mesick

Clever Storage Uses for Repurposed Items :: Upcycled kombucha bottles are perfect items for DIY pantry storage!Clever Storage Uses for Repurposed Items :: Upcycled kombucha bottles are perfect items for pantry storage!

GT’s Kombucha drink is an incredibly popular fermented tea drink here in Los Angeles. I personally love it for two reasons: the crisp flavor and the sturdy glass bottles they come in. I avoid it for one reason – they’re so expensive! So here, Peas & Crayons shows us how to get a bang for the buck by repurposing Kombucha bottles into pantry storage.

Clever Storage Uses for Repurposed Items :: Create pretty office organization with your favorite shopping bags like these pretty Tiffany's bags!

I think this is an adorable way to make your storage reflect your style. Next time you come back from a retail excursion and have some pretty shopping bags, consider turning them into hanging office supply storage like Le Zoe Musings does here with Tiffany’s bags!

Clever Storage Uses for Repurposed Items :: Use an old dresser drawer as under-bed blanket storage

A lone dresser drawer can instantly be transformed into under bed storage like this one photographed by Cheri Lehnow Photography. Installing some wheels on the bottom of the drawer makes it more accessible and less likely to scratch your floors.


Combine a shoe box and a bunch toilet paper rolls and you’ve got yourself this DIY marker caddy by 30 Minute Crafts!

Clever Storage Uses for Repurposed Items :: A shower caddy doubles as hanging office supply storage

Have you ever had a shower caddy that just doesn’t feel stable on your shower head? Instead of getting rid of it, consider repurposing it in your office as a hanging wall organizer as Better Homes and Gardens shows us here.

Clever Storage Uses for Repurposed Items :: an old lotion bottle upcycled into this thrifty charging cellphone holder

With a little bit of crafting abilities, Make it & Love it shows us how easy it is to take a lotion bottle and transform it into a cellphone holder for when it’s charging. I’m amazed by how functional, thrifty and chic this craft is.

Clever Storage Uses for Repurposed Items :: an old rake used as gardening tool organization

I’ve seen old rakes being used as hangers for just about everything: necklaces, spatulas, aprons, wine glasses… but my favorite idea has to be this example from Natalme. By combining an old rake, some natural twine and gardening tools, this otherwise grimy collection of items suddenly looks like an artistic statement piece.

Clever Storage Uses for Repurposed Items :: an egg carton and cupcake liners are great drawer organizers for the office

This office drawer organization by Better Homes & Gardens uses two common items, egg cartons and cupcake liners. I love that one trip from your kitchen to your office can suddenly give you all the supplies you need for a sectioned off drawer. Genius!

Clever Storage Uses for Repurposed Items :: a crib railing works as a fantastic magazine rack!

Once your little one gets too big for their crib, repurpose the crib railing as a magazine rack  like Nikki McBride of Salty Pineapple shows us above!

Clever Storage Uses for Repurposed Items :: organize your cords with recycled toilet paper rolls

It’s safe to say that we all can fall victim to a mess of cords from time to time, so try this as an easy DIY storage trick! Our Thrifty Ideas adds a little bit of washi tape to the toilet paper rolls and has instantly colorful AND tidy cord organizers.

Clever Storage Uses for Repurposed Items :: a shutter as a mail organizer

I’m not sure if it’s every day that someone has extra shutters laying around, but if you recently “de-shuttered” your home or stumble across one at a flee market, try this! Samantha Elizabeth added some nifty key hooks to her shutter mail storage.

Clever Storage Uses for Repurposed Items :: spray painted cans as pencil & pen holders

Spray paint some cans as a super thrifty pencil holder. Here Wantcy took this idea a step further and made an artistic pencil storage wallhanging.

Clever Storage Uses for Repurposed Items :: recycled cans as utensil organizers

The Kitchn also shows us that recycled cans can tidy up your cooking utensils. I’m loving these vintage looking tins!

Clever Storage Uses for Repurposed Items :: a cut up cleaning bottle can be crafted this wall organizer for supplies

Make it & Love it is so stinkin’ good at making old bottles into new storage items that I had to share this one too. Here she cuts up a disinfecting wipes container and makes a hanging storage unit. Amazing!!

Clever Storage Uses for Repurposed Items :: this tension rod is the perfect under sink organizer

While most people use tension rods for their shower curtain, A Thousand Words blog shows us how repurposing a tension rod as a bottle hanger can free up a bunch of space under the sink.

Clever Storage Uses for Repurposed Items :: DIY cereal box file organizers for the office

Cereal boxes are the perfect dimension to be crafted into these file holders for the office. Shelterness shows us that adding some fabric makes these filers look store bought. No one will ever know that they’re actually cut-up boxes!

TheChic_icetray storage

It’s no secret that ice trays double as easy organization for little items like office or craft supplies, small jewelry pieces or even individual eyeshadows. For other ideas on how to repurpose your extra ice trays, check out Home Made Simple’s list on new uses for ice trays!

Clever Storage Uses for Repurposed Items :: a wine rack repurposed into office supply organizer

Combining a wine rack and glasses creates this office supplies organizer. Such a clever idea by Triple The Scraps! Wine racks can also be used to store rolled up magazines or small towels. Give it a try!

Clever Storage Uses for Repurposed Items :: soda pop can tabs double the hanging space in your closet

I love this trick so much, I had to share it again! Recycle those soda pop pull tabs and reuse them as space maximizers in your closet. If you’re in need of more closet tricks like this one, check out our 20 Clever Closet Tips & Tricks.

Clever Storage Uses for Repurposed Items :: cut a hole in an old book & make this DIY remote holder

Although cutting up a book is typically bad form, I think that there are a couple exceptions to the rule. One exception? This DIY remote storage shown here by Country Living.

Clever Storage Uses for Repurposed Items :: cord organizer from recycled CD holder

Use an old CD case as a cord organizer, and never deal with that tangled, jumbled cord mess again!

Clever Storage Uses for Repurposed Items :: paint cans nailed to wall create this DIY shoe rack

By drilling paint cans into the wall, Crafty Nester created this unique flip flop storage. This is such a clever way to get your shoes up off the floor while also recycling those old paint cans!

Clever Storage Uses for Repurposed Items :: cake stand used as perfume & makeup display

Cake stands can collect dust far back in a pantry between special occasions, so why not use your cake stand for perfume or jewelry storage?! Ok, ok, this example is a bit more in the decor realm than a storage solution, but it’s such a clever idea I had to share! This lovely green cake stand is actually a DIY. Check out Dream Green DIY for the tutorial!

Clever Storage Uses for Repurposed Items :: silverware organizer as makeup drawer divider

Silverware organizers can be repurposed for makeup, office supply, or jewelry storage. Here, wikiHow shows us how to organize makeup in one of these silverware dividers. Look how perfectly those lipsticks fit!

Clever Storage Uses for Repurposed Items :: recycled Altoid tins are the perfect little containers for small items

Next time you’re about to toss an empty candy tin, think again! From creating a mini embroidery kits like The Zen of Making did above to using this tin for paperclip storage in your desk drawer, this sturdy tin container can be adapted to store just about anything.

Clever Storage Uses for Repurposed Items :: a rustic trashcan doubles as a nightstand with blanket storage

I’m loving this rustic trashcan turned stylish nightstand with built in storage. This trashcan would be perfect for storing extra blankets and pillows, or even thick winter sweaters on the off season.

Clever Storage Uses for Repurposed Items :: soda pop boxes upcycled into pantry organizers for your cans

We’re all familiar with the boxes that soda pop comes in, right? Well those same boxes are perfect for repurposing into DIY can storage for your pantry all year long! Then She Made… repurposed these boxes by using Mod Podge and gluing on some decorative paper.