get organized for back to school

Recently I shared the Work For Hire Board I created for my boys and everyone responded so positively I wanted to share more tricks for how I keep my kids (and myself) in order. One of the chores on our board is helping to prep their lunches for the week ahead, and when I talked about the idea, more than one person remarked on how they wanted to incorporate it into their routine. It made me realize that not everyone does lunchtime prep like we do and since it’s SUCH a life/time saver in the Hollis house I thought I’d share it here.

All you need is a little box or basket and some designated space in your fridge… from there, lunchtime is a breeze!

healthy school lunch

Lunch Organization-TheChic

Start with a low basket or box… I like something clear because I can see everything in it.


Use stencils and a permanent marker to label your box. Now you just need to fill it up with the items your kiddos like to eat.

ideas for school lunch

I put EVERYTHING we need for a lunch in the box… from the lunch sacks to the love notes, all the items are in one place. 

Rachel Hollis-Organize Lunches

On Sundays I prep all my meals for the week and this is when I prep the boys as well. I make two days worth of sandwiches at a time (otherwise they get a little soggy) but everything else can last longer so I prep a bunch in advance.

write notes to your kids

I love including notes for the boys, but sometimes in the chaos of our morning routine, I forget. By writing a bunch of notes in advance I always remember to include them in their bag! Another added benefit is that Jackson (age 7) now uses the lunchtime box to assemble his own lunch. He likes getting to choose his juice flavor, side snack and even which note from mommy to include that day. And the lunch I do have to assemble? With this box it takes approximately 3 minutes, and that my friends, is a little morning miracle! ~Rachel