glitter cake toppers

DIY Cake Toppers are all over Pinterest and Etsy and I’m sometimes shocked at the length that people will go to for their creation. Really, decorating a birthday cake shouldn’t require a 19 step process and it shouldn’t break your bank!

Last year I made my own Pom Pom Cake Toppers and recently I saw these glittery star stickers and wondered what I could turn them into. The answer? DIY Star Cake Toppers!

diy star birthday party

These DIY Star Cake Toppers are so simple! I just put a star sticker on the top of a wooden skewer and then attached another one to the back (almost like a magic wand). Then I created a bunch more at varying heights. The result is so pretty and it turns a simple cake into something magical! ~Rachel

space themed birthday party

magic birthday party ideas