I live for ways to spruce up a store-bought anything.

Be it store-bought appetizers, flowers, or in this case a birthday cake, the ability to use some DIY magic to make anything seem like you slaved for hours is a skill-set every good hostess should acquire!

In today’s example I created these darling little yarn pom pom cake toppers. They add a fun bit of whimsy to any sort of cake and they’re a great grown-up version to birthday candles (especially for those birthday girls who may or may not want to reveal their age!).

Here’s What You’ll Need

Yarn – various colors is great, but the choice is entirely yours

White Lollipop Sicks 8″ Long – you can use shorter but I think the height makes it fun

Hot Glue Gun/Glue


1. Start by making a yarn pom pom (just like in elementary school) wrap the yarn around and around your fingers. The more times around the plusher the pom pom.

2. With the same strand of yarn, wrap once around the center of your circle and tie off so it looks like a little bow.

3. Cut the ends with scissors and use your fingers to fluff into a perfect little ball.


4. Fluff out the ends of your yarn.

5. Add a bit of hot glue to the end of your stick.

6. Insert the end of the stick into the middle of your yarn ball and allow it a few seconds to dry before letting go.