DIY Disney Cinderella Party Bows

I can’t stop making things for the new Cinderella movie apparently! First we made Cinderella Milk-Tinis and now it’s Cinderella Headbands! I just thought it would be so fun to make a craft as well as a party treat, and so here we are! Initially we set out to make the big bows the stepsisters made so iconic, but then we thought, well certainly Cinderella deserves a headband too! So these are the steps for DIY Stepsister Bows, make them to go see the movie or maybe a different color for all the little girls at a Cinderella birthday party!

How to Make Cinderella Bows

The Cinderella Headband turned out so adorably and as always, it’s super easy to make!

Cinderella Bows for Princess Party

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