Rachel Hollis Spain Trip

Last week, I tagged along with Dave on a work trip to Barcelona. While he spent his time in meetings and speaking at a conference, I spent my time eating massive breakfasts, walking around one of my favorite cities and taking long, long naps. It was, without question, the most relaxing experience I’ve had in years!

Rachel Hollis Vacation

Rachel Hollis Vacation

I actually picked out some really sweet summer dresses and great sandals for this vacation since I knew I was headed to several business dinners with Dave. Many of you were following along on Instagram and I got a ton of questions about how to pack for a trip and what to wear on summer vacation, so I thought I’d give you guys all of the details.

Rachel Hollis Travel Clothes


Want to shop for any of the items I’m wearing? Just scroll through the photos above and click on the one you like. 

White was kind of my theme on this trip… it just feels like the perfect thing to wear on summer vacation and I felt like it would be easy to repurpose these dresses all summer long. The dress above was ideal for sightseeing (especially with a great pair of flats similar) and since it’s so lightweight I can also use it as a swimsuit cover-up.

What to Wear on a Trip to Spain

This dress is probably the shortest thing I’ve ever worn in my whole life. Hahah. The truth is that when it arrived in the mail it was too long for me so I had it altered. When it came back from the seamstress it was like HELLO! Mini skirt alert! But, it was also big and voluminous, so the length didn’t seem scandalous at all… at least not in Spain. That being said, if you decide to order your own version to wear on summer vacation just know that it’s actually longer than this!

Rachel Hollis Style Spain Trip

This dress might be my favorite thing that I’ve purchased in a long, long time. I found it at a little boutique in LA right before I left for my trip. I paired it with these black espadrilles I bought at the start of the season and it looked so sweet. The black hat is one I’ve had for a million and a half years, but since I bought it at Target it’s still an easy thing to add to your own collection. I wear it by the pool, out in the sun and every single year on Easter Sunday. 

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