Hollis Family School Routine FeaturedThanks so much for all the emails and questions about our back to school routine. I really do appreciate when y’all ask us questions here or on the Facebook page, because it’s super helpful in figuring out what we should post about, so keep ’em coming!  As for what my back to school routine is… um, sit in the corner and cry? No! Just kidding… or kind of kidding. Back to school is always a bit stressful for us and I try and get back into the routine as quickly as possible. So here are my five go-to steps for keeping my boys organized. Watch the video for details and then scroll on down for the step by steps. 
How to Get Kids Ready for School

Brushing Teeth School Routine1. Don’t Leave Your Room Until You’re Ready – Now, obviously, this won’t work for my littlest, but the two older boys are totally capable of getting themselves dressed. So, the rule in our house is you’re not allowed to leave your room until you’ve brushed your teeth, gotten dressed and made your bed. If you need ideas for keeping their outfits organized, check out this post. Want the details on our mason jar toothbrush holders, it’s right here

ideas for school lunch

2. Get a Lunchtime Box – I’ve talked about it a million times here on the site, because I swear by my lunchtime box. You can read all about it right here. 

berries and yogurt parfait

3. Store Cut Up Fruit in the Fridge – I wish I was cooler, but the honest truth is my boys usually want a frozen waffle or Cheerios or toast for breakfast. I stopped trying to fight them on it years ago. Instead, I store cut up fruit in my fridge so I can easily add something fresh to their breakfasts. Want to see what else is in my fridge? I wrote about it here

Organizating School Information for KidsRachel Hollis Notes for Kids4. Get Some Bulletin Boards – I am ALL about the bulletin board for our back to school routine. I have one for things to keep (like dinner recipes or flyers for school events) and another one by the back door to hold things that have to go back to school. I’m sure there are more efficient ways, but for me the visual helps me remember.

Backpack Organization5. Get a Backpack Landing Pad – I’m sure there are far more sophisticated ways of organizing backpacks, but we just have a couple of hooks by the backdoor. The boys know to hang them up as soon as they get home from school and I know where to find them to go through paperwork and homework. It’s super simple and it works for us. 

Get Kids Ready for School