blue and green boys bathroom

The boys bathroom is an ongoing work in progress. Last week I shared our Dinosaur Toilet Paper Holder and this week I’m showing off my latest in trying to keep toothbrushes and toothpaste from slowly taking over their bathroom drawers. I’ve had these teal mason jars sitting on a shelf in my garage for at least 8 years (I’m not even kidding!) and I finally decided to pull them down and put them to work. The end result is that each boy gets his own jar for bathroom storage and there’s no more fighting over which toothbrush is which!

Mason Jar Storage 1 - TheChic

What You’ll Need

Large Mason Jars

Heavy Cardstock for Monograms

Heavy Packing Tape 

Colorful Twine

Hole Punch / Scissors

Mason Jar Bathroom Storage-TheChic

Start by cutting out your child’s monogram on heavy card stock. Next you need to laminate the letters since they’ll be next to the sink and likely to get a little wet. If you can laminate them, go for it. If not, you can cheat like I did and wrap them in heavy packing tape and then cut them out. Use the hole punch to create a hole in the top and use the twine to string the letter in place. Put them on display and fill them with each child’s toothbrush, toothpaste, etc. ~Rachel

Bathroom Mason Jars