easy toast ideas

Lately easy and quick breakfasts have been really popular here on the site. We saw it when we made our breakfast parfaits, when organized some breakfast sandwiches and when our pre-packed smoothies went crazy on Pinterest. So, if you guys are game, I’ll keep showing you some of my favorite quick breakfasts. The most popular in my life? Toast! And more importantly, toast toppings! No joke, I eat a slice of toast with peanut butter before every single run. But there are so many other toast toppings that can work as breakfast, lunch or even a great snack. Check out my faves!

the chic site toast different ways

Can we just have a second for this shot? Number one, it’s the prettiest ever. Number two, I want to eat ALL the bread up there! Ok, here are the toast toppings on each.

easy morning or after school snacksAll of these are great for cheese lovers like me. Extra credit if you melt that brie on the toast before you add the other ingredients. Mmmmmmmm.

new and exciting toast ideasWait, you didn’t think that was all the cheese I’d show off, right? No way guys, cheese is like half my diet! Of course, it’s going to be one of my most popular toast toppings!

toast 9 ways the chic siteAnd, of course, I have to include peanut butter and banana because it’s one of my great loves. In case you’re wondering my great love lists goes like this: Dave Hollis, my Hollis children, books, peanut butter. Oh shoot, the Lord. Of course, I love the Lord and I definitely don’t put peanut butter before him. No idols and all that. 

fun ways to do toast

Want to watch a fun video about toast? We actually totally have one of those!