DIY Tailgate DecorTailgating season is upon us and should come as no surprise, but I’m only here for the food.

I wish I liked sports more. I wish I cared about the teams. Heck, I wish I even knew some of the team names! But I really do enjoy the party and activities that happen while we gather together to watch those games… and to eat food while we do!

Some of my favorites?

These Slow Cooker Hot Wings

This Turkey Chili with all the toppings

and these Cowboy cookies that are delicious even if you don’t like the Dallas Cowboys!

Make your own DIY Tailgate Decor with this super simple football play tray. Use it to set all your food up so the uneven surface of your trunk doesn’t cause everything to tip over. Here’s how…

Football Play Serving PlatterTop off your tailgate party decor by making these cute football bags to go along with your tray.