Rachel Hollis Outfit Inspriation

What to wear… I feel like we spend half our time trying to figure this out. But over the last several years I’ve developed some pretty great tricks for knowing what to wear and always having outfit inspiration that’s fun and fresh.

Watch the video for some great ideas on what you should wear next and then scroll on down for the details.


Hang Tear Sheets in Your Closet for Outfit Inspo

Hang bulletin board tiles in your closet or use washi tape to save outfit inspiration that you love. Whenever I’m looking through a magazine or a catalogue and I see an outfit I like I tear it out and pin it in my closet. Also, keep an eye out for outfits that feature something you already own. So if you love your navy blue blazer, look out for them in magazines and you’ll be able to pull off the outfit easily. 

Hang Up Outfit on Me Next

Put a Me Next hook in your closet (you can find out how I installed mine in this post) to remember the things you’re dying to try. So if you have a blouse that you love or a dress you keep meaning to wear, hang it in plain sight so you don’t forget. 

Hang Your Next Outfit Up

Also, as you’re scrolling through Instagram you can screenshot any outfits you love and save them to your phone. Next time you’re not sure what to wear, you’ll have a bunch of inspiration. Not sure where to find cool inspiration? Start following the Instagram handles of the stores you love to shop at or the celebrities whose style you admire.