Homeless Care Package

I’ve talked a lot in past posts about how much the homeless community stays on my heart. Sometimes that manifests in big ways, like volunteering to cook dinner for our local homeless shelter and sometimes it’s as simple as creating homeless care packages to keep in the trunk of my car. 

If you’re not already familiar with homeless care packages watch the video below, then scroll on down to see what I pack in mine.


What to Include in a Homeless Care Package

To make your own homeless care package you can start with a disposable bag. I like a large Ziploc because it’s something I already have on hand and you can see everything that’s in it. I fill mine with snacks, gift cards, toiletries (grab the little bottles the next time you’re staying at a hotel!) first aid items, socks in the winter, lightweight ball caps or visors in the summer.

I store a couple in the trunk of my car and another one up front for when I’m driving and can’t actually get out to hand it to someone… like when someone is waiting at the bottom of the freeway offramp. 

It’s also important to mention that you should only hand these out in situations where it’s safe for you to do so. It’s also worth saying, not everyone is going to respond kindly. Some people say no thank you and some are offended I even ask. That’s OK with me. If someone doesn’t respond well it doesn’t hurt my feelings because I have no way of knowing their story. All I can do is try and help with the right intentions, the rest is up to them.