In honor of St.Patrick’s Day we thought we would share our favorite tips on decorating your Bar Cart. Though we completely understand that in some parts of the country y’all are dealing with super cold weather, the best thing about a bar cart is you can also have one indoors. Also, these are great tips to keep on hand for your summer parties. So take a look at all our favorite essentials to use the next time you’re celebrating something or someone special! 

For our bar cart we wanted to keep things simple  with using items we had as well as things we purchased at Pier1 Imports.

Instead of having to run back and forth for limes and mint we placed them in these marble bowls. For the champagne to stay cool we placed the bottle in a marble holder with ice to keep cold. Little hint this holder is meant for utensils but we switched it up for a champagne holder instead.

Every bar cart needs a charcuterie plate!  It’s great for when people need a little snack while drinking. We purchased this board at Pier 1 and it seriously is the perfect size for the bar cart.

It’s always great to have an option for all our favorite non-alcoholic drinkers. Whether it’s sparkling water or lemonade, place this on the cart so it’s easy to grab.

Why not serve some delicious desserts on one of your favorite cook books. These bite-size cakes are so simple to serve for your guests.

It’s always the best to have a signature cocktail on hand that you can quickly mix together. You can totally keep it simple with just a couple key ingredients or make it fancy. The best thing is to keep a shaker on the cart so everyone has the option to make their own drink.

Here’s a tip always keep some straws nearby. These ones are super cute and your guests can easily throw them away when they are finished.

Now we can’t forget about Jeffrey am I right? I think he can totally be a professional dog model! With that being said  this picture shows the way we placed all our glassware at the bottom of the cart that way nothing breaks (well we’re hoping)

Now it’s time to cheers with all your favorite people! Share how you’re celebrating St. Patrick’s Day this year by posting a photo on Instagram and  #ChicTribe!

photo credit: @racheljwise

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