A best friend is a person that you can count on without fail. That exceptional buddy that gives endless love, encouragement, and respect. The go-to gal that helps you celebrate your wins (usually with Champagne), and helps you rally when you fail (also with Champagne). But a best friend can be hard to find, right? The real beauty of life is that we have the ability to be our own best friend. I know you’re like, yeah right girl! BUT hear me out! YOU ARE GREAT! It might take some practice but regardless of age or what stage of life, you have the ability to befriend yourself. The power comes from within to be gracious, hopeful, and deal with yourself with compassion. So take a look in the mirror, cause you just found your new BFF. Here are some top tips on how to start giving yourself the love and the respect that you deserve cause you’re awesome! 

Celebrate who you are: It’s time to embrace every part of who you ACTUALLY are. When you start from a place of true honesty, there’s no limit to where you can go. A lot of us walk around never really admitting to ourselves who we are deep down. Letting outside influences change what we think we want in our lives that might not align with our true self. I love to read books instead of watching TV. That didn’t exactly make me ms. popular, but it’s me! Once I admitted to myself what my true do’s are, life really started to open up.  You’d be surprised how often a Huck Finn reference can actually come in handy!

Decide your limits: Why is it that we’re able to give everything to everyone, but not to ourselves? Today is the day that we set self-limits. Maybe there are certain people in your life or certain tasks that are time sucks that you could cut out. This extra time could help you focus on yourself. By limiting where your time goes, you’re able to learn to play the guitar or take up painting, whatever hobby that feels too far away because of scheduling. Don’t let anyone tell you no.  Watch this video to see what happens when you stop listening to other people…

Dress up for you: How often do you get dressed to the nines for a guy or to impress a group of casual friends and then when you really think about it don’t matter half as much as you do? Time to flip the script girl! Try dressing up the way you feel best for YOU! Who cares if it’s too much blush, big huge hair or no makeup at all! However, you feel fab! That’s what counts. Do this for yourself and discover how you feel the most elegant.

Be your own hero: Pick something that you would be proud of if you saw someone else doing. Something you would pin or like on insta. Some examples would be running a marathon or volunteering for a reading for kids program and then sign up for it. If you see someone online doing something you wish you were doing, write it down and figure out how you can make it happen! Be the person you’re proud of. 

Learn how to have fun alone: It sounds crazy but some of my super fun times are when I’m doing something simple like cooking or doing the dishes with some wine alone. We’ve all heard “Dance Like No One’s Watching”? It’s time to actually try it! Have a party with yourself, make yourself laugh! Have a time! Cause at the end of the day the coolest, funniest, brightest woman on planet earth is you, you just need to get to know her.