Today is the launch of something I’ve been thinking about doing for over a year– and now that it’s here, I kind of wonder what took me so long. For years I’ve been listening to –and loving– business podcasts. Tony Robbins, Entreleadership, Gary Vee, Story Brand, etc. These are staples in my life and I listen to them nearly every day but over time I started to wonder something…


Where are all the ladies?


It seems like 99% of all business podcast interviews are done by and with men. Now certainly there are exceptions, but the male to female interview ratio is startling in its disproportion. Not only that, but I began to notice that when these prominent business podcasts did interview a woman about business the narrative tends to be about what it means for her to be a business woman, while interviews with men are simply about their career or company and never once ask them how they manage their work as a man. It seemed so crazy to me because I’m blessed to know so many incredible women in so many different rad professions and I don’t understand why we’re not hearing from more women like them. 


And then I remembered that if you want to see change in the world, you should be the one to make it happen. So I worked with my team at Chic to produce the Dais podcast. Season one is a collection of interviews with some of my favorite ladies: Jen Hatmaker, Joy Cho, Brit Barron, Alison Faulkner, literary agents, casting directors, CMO’s and leaders in consumer products. The wisdom they shared with me –and you– in these interviews is invaluable. From how to grow your career, to how to write a book, get a product into Target or get cast on a TV show we talk about a bit of everything. The women I interview are powerhouses and the greatest mentors you could ever have. I hope you find it helpful, I hope you find in inspiring but more than anything, I hope that you realize how many incredible women there are for you to look up to. We may not see or hear them in this light very often but I promise you that the world is filled with professional, hardworking women who are changing the face of industry one person at time.