Have you been to one of our RISE Women’s conferences yet? It’s a whole weekend dedicated to women who come together from every background, ethnicity, and religion in a place of community. You will leave feeling invigorated and have all the motivation to reach your potential!

Now I get it. Going alone seems daunting, doesn’t it? But the thing is, it’s actually pretty awesome because you can be exactly who you are without worrying what anyone else is thinking, and soak in every ounce. 

Don’t believe me? Read these amazing testimonials from women who have gone solo and LOVED it! 

Still a little skeptical? Here’s a fun little fact: 48% of people go alone, and guess what? They don’t leave alone! We have a “Flying Solo” lounge dedicated to all the women who are coming to the conference by themselves! They make lifelong friendships, and meet people they wouldn’t have if they were to go with somebody! It’s the perfect place to meet other gals who might be in the same boat as you, and who knows? You might walk away with a new friend who might be exactly who you needed to meet!